Mary Lou Athorn - Sculpture with found materials

In my work, I try to apply what I call the Sow's Ear philosophy, turning items destined for the trash heap into pleasing art.

It’s fun to “shop” for materials at the recycle bin, plus the use of recycled materials lends these creations eco-credibility. Today’s newspaper could very well be tomorrow’s flock of shorebirds. The possibilities are endless.
I believe we are here to practice kindness to all things living, so my Papier-mâché "trophy heads" let you embrace your wild side in a gentler way.

I’m fortunate to get to practice what I preach on my best human friend and husband, Michael, and my two muses, Jessica and Elizabeth Reed. I also still draw a huge amount of inspiration from my best of best friends, Montgomery (the man in the black dog suit in the picture) who has gone on ahead but who is with me every day.