Joe Kortzman - Watercolor

Joe Kotzman has credited his mother‘s folk tales as the impetus for his highly imaginative work. He says he saw those stories in vivid colors and has continued
to relate his visions
to us in the same bright palette. When questioned regarding the fanciful images, he seems to wonder
over them along with the viewer. Each has been created almost subconsciously with little planning of the final presentation.

Mr. Kotzman was a Seminary student from the age of twelve and left just before his final vows. He studied art in the United States, Italy and Spain, meeting his wife Josepha (also an artist) in Spain. After many years residing in Chicago, Joe and Josepha moved to Carrabelle in 1996.

From 1972 to present, Mr. Kotzman has been the recipient of
many awards for his fresh and powerful work. Galleries included
in his resume span the United States and Europe. Locally, he has received top honors at shows sponsored by La Moyne Art Foundation, Gadsden Art Center and Gallery 621.

American Academy of Art, Chicago, Illinois - Design and Illustration. Accademia Carrara, Bergamo, Italy - Drawing and Printmaking. Loyola University, Chicago, Illinois - B.A. in English Literature. St. Isabel School of Fine Arts, Seville, Spain - Painting, Drawing and Printmaking.