Sea Oats Gallery opened in 1996 as a satellite of Joyce Estes' Bayside Gallery in Eastpoint, Florida. Ms. Estes had, at that time, enjoyed nearly twenty-five years as an artist and business leader in this stunningly beautiful but remote area of Northwest Florida.

In 1998, the focus at Sea Oats Gallery began to change as a number of other area artists were added. That collection continues to evolve as long term and newly relocated artists seek a reputable venue to represent their work. At present, approximately eighty artists and fine craftspeople are selling through the gallery.

In keeping with the area, there is little formality at Sea Oats Gallery. You will find happy people, as charmed as you with the rural coast and the art being created in it. You may encounter one of the artists dropping off new work or a demonstration in progress. Some mornings a flavorful cup of coffee will greet you. A cool glass of wine may reward the end of your day's island perusal. You will always find the best selection of high quality artwork available in this part of Florida.

For those of you who have not visited the Forgotten Coast, prepare for something of a surprise. It's a lot like walking back onto the beaches of your childhood. You'll wonder how a place so lovely could have been largely ignored until very recently. It is best to let go of all but naptime musings and give yourself up to the wind and water and glow.

It is our fortunate task at Sea Oats Gallery to offer artistic treasures worthy of memories made on the fabulous Forgotten Coast.